Veterinary practice Laakkwartier

Privacy statement

Veterinary practice Laakkwartier uses patient data only for the purpose for which the data was stored. Veterinary practice Laakkwartier does not share patient data with third parties, unless this is necessary for the storage purpose. Veterinary practice Laakkwartier shall not retain patient data longer than necessary on the basis of the purpose of storage of the data. Veterinary practice Laakkwartier keep patient data safe from unauthorised access by all means and measures. Veterinary practice Laakkwartier obtains the consent of the patients for the storage of personal data, if there are no treatment contract has been concluded. Veterinary practice Laakkwartier informs patients of their rights with regard to their personal data. Veterinary practice Laakkwartier informs its patients about the purpose of processing personal data. Veterinary practice Laakkwartier informs patients if Veterinary practice Laakkwartier will carry out special operations with the personal data.