Veterinary practice Laakkwartier

Home visits

Would you prefer a veterinarian to come to your home? This is often a possibility! It is good to know that we have to plan a house visit well in advance compared to a consultation at the practice. This is because we have to be able to spare the veterinarian at the practice, and because extra time is needed. Please call in good time when you want to schedule a visit.

A home visit has clear advantages and disadvantages:

These are the benefits of a house visit:

  • No transport needed
  • Less stress for the animal
  • Several animals can be vaccinated or checked


These are the disadvantages of a house visit:

  • More limited research possibilities than in practice
  • No assistant
  • Not all medication at hand at once


During the telephone conversation the veterinary surgeon will discuss with you the reason for the house call. In order to get a good picture she may ask additional questions. Then she will assess whether a house call is a good possibility and discuss this with you.

It may happen that after a house visit the vet still wants to schedule a consultation at the practice to do further examination. If only transport is the problem, the animal ambulance can often help.


Euthanasia at home

Euthanasia is the most common reason for planning a home visit. It is good for both the animal and the owner when the euthanasia can take place in the familiar surroundings. We are happy to take this into account and will work with you to find a time for the euthanasia to take place at home.


Evening and weekend services

During evening and weekend shifts, it is not possible to make visits.