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Changed rules, what does it mean for you?

Changing rules, what does it mean for you?

Since 2013, all dogs must be microchipped within 7 weeks of birth. From November 2021, a mandatory registration at a designated portal was added. These portals were previously called a database such as NDG or Petlook. In addition, an EU passport is mandatory for all dogs born or imported after 1 November 2021.

A Unique Business Number (UBN) for dogs

A UBN is a unique number for the location where you keep the dog(s). You need a UBN as soon as the veterinarian or chipper chips a dog for you. The vet also needs your UBN to apply for a (replacement) EU passport.

You need a UBN if you:

  • gets a litter of puppies; even if it is a one-off litter
  • import a dog and be the first keeper
  • have a dog that is not yet registered and you are therefore the first keeper to register the dog
  • apply for an EU passport for a dog; this also applies to older animals whose current passports are full

How to apply for a UBN for dogs?

Via the website of the RVO You can arrange your UBN directly. Here you register as a non-commercial dog keeper. In the next screen, choose Register pet and log in with DigiD. After logging in, you will see your details. Then click on Register and you will automatically create a UBN at your address. The UBN is shown on the next screen. They will not send you a confirmation. Your UBN is active immediately. You can consult, change or cancel your UBN registration at any time. Pass on the UBN number to your veterinarian.

Buying a dog

Are you buying a dog? Make sure that the animal already has a chip, a registration and an official EU pet passport. Do not buy a dog without a chip or passport! It is forbidden to buy a dog without a chip and registration. From 1 November 2021, you must also ensure that the dog has a valid European passport. This way you know more about the history of the animal.

Have you accidentally bought a dog without registration? Or does your dog have a false passport? Have your dog registered by the vet as soon as possible at a designated portal. The vet will need your UBN for this purpose.

A one-off litter from your dog?

Will your dog have a one-off litter? Register a UBN for dogs not kept on business. You will need this number if you are having your puppies chipped by a vet. Without your UBN number the vet cannot chip the pups!

Puppies must have a chip and an EU passport within 7 weeks of birth. The vet registers the chips of the pups with the RVO. The veterinarian takes care of the application for the EU passport of the puppy.

Step-by-step plan for proper registration of your litter:
  1. You arrange for a UBN as a non-commercial dog keeper and give it to the vet in time.
  2. The veterinarian inserts the chip and registers it.
  3. The vet takes care of the application for the EU passport for the puppy(s).
  4. You register the birth of the puppies at one of the designated portals. You need the chip number of the mother. If the puppies have an EU passport and a chip, you also register them on the portal.

Is the puppy going to a new owner? Then you have to report the removal of the pup to the portal. The new owner of the puppy does not need to have a UBN. However, the new keeper does have to report the arrival of the pup to the portal. This means that he passes on the new address of the pup.

A dog from abroad

Are you planning to get a dog from abroad yourself? And not through a stray animal organisation? Then you need a UBN and you have to deal with the registration rules.

Source: RVO.