Veterinary practice Laakkwartier

Changed opening hours during the summer holidays

Modified opening hours during summer holidays
The holiday season is in full swing. For us, this also means that we will take turns on holidays. During the holidays, the practice will be open as usual during the day. However, due to personnel changes, some evenings will be cancelled. If you want to come by for food or medication one evening, always call the practice first to check whether we are open:

                                                                                       Vets on holiday

  • Drs Rosenveldt is currently on holiday until 7 August.
  • Drs Castens is on holiday from 12 to 22 July

During the entire holiday, you will find one of our regular observers in the consulting room in addition to our own doctors. As we have been working with all of them for years, we can promise that our care will remain at the level you are accustomed to.

                                                                                   We are closed on the following evenings:

  • Friday 14-07-2023
  • Monday 17-07-2023
  • Wednesday 19-07-2023
  • Friday 21-07-2023
  • Friday 28-07-2023
  • Monday 31-07-2023
  • Monday 14-08-2023
  • Wednesday 16-08-2023
  • Friday 18-08-2023

When we are closed, an emergency vet is always available via Kring dierenartsen Den Haag on 0900-2226333