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Welcome to Dierenartsenpraktijk Laakkwartier

At this website you will find information on our practice. If you have problems concerning your pet, we will make sure to find the best solution, together with you. We also provide in preventive care, to keep your pet healthy. Education on the care for your pet is also an important task of the veterinarian and her assistants.

As an owner, you know your pet best. So we value your opinion on what’s best for your pet. We make sure to listen and communicate and we will take time for you and your pet.

Customer service is not a luxury at our veterinarian clinic, it’s normal to us.

You can make an appointment by phone: 070-3908908. You can find our visiting hours here. We do not have open visiting hours to consult the vet, so make sure you make an appointment first!

Our clinic is connected to the Kring Den Haag:  25 co-operating veterinarians who work in their own practice, but together they make it possible to offer a 24/7 emergency-service.


Update Covid-19 (Coronavirus) 16-03-2020;