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Pets Care Plan

The ZorgPlan is a health programme that makes it possible to spread the costs of preventive care for your pet over an entire year. You pay a fixed monthly amount. In return, your pet will receive vaccinations, anti-parasitic agents, health checks and expert advice, among other things.

What is the Care Plan?

The ZorgPlan makes it easy for you to monitor your pet's welfare and save money! A fixed monthly amount will be debited by direct debit and you will be able to collect the ZorgPlan products from our practice without any additional costs. In addition, your 10% will receive a discount on treatments and products (excluding food and medicines). The ZorgPlan also includes regular health checks, so that any medical problems can be identified at an early stage or even prevented. The Laakkwartier Veterinary Clinic has created a tailor-made subscription plan for you.

What does the Care Plan offer?

  • Extra health check of your pet, twice a year (once by the vet during vaccination and once by the paraveterinair)
  • Annual vaccinations for in the Netherlands
  • Clipping nails
  • Products against fleas (and ticks -> in dogs)
  • Anti-worm products for 1 full year

If you have any questions about the Care Plan, please contact the practice.

Registering for the Care Plan

Registration is easy. You can fill in and hand in a written agreement at the counter, after which we will immediately register you. You pay the first monthly instalment at the practice, after which the agreed amount is debited from your account each month. You enter into a ZorgPlan for one year, after which it can be cancelled monthly. For questions or further explanation please contact the practice staff: they will be happy to give you all the information.

The ZorgPlan is not an insurance policy. If you wish, you can also take out an insurance policy for unforeseen costs. insurance close.

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